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Favourite Episodes of Maison Ikkoku

I thought I'd go through and list some of my favourite episoides and moments from this very, very long series. Most of them are moments of real character development, which is done wonderfully in this series. Of course, there are also some which are just enjoyable to see......... Read more

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Maison Ikkoku Review

(Spoiler Free) Let me begin this review by saying that at the time I first started watching this series, I was beginning to sorely miss watching anime altogether. It's true that with classes starting, much of the time I may have at one point spent watching anime was now replaced with solving equations, but that isn't the entire reason. If I could find a series that I really enjoy, I would have found time to go through it. But I'm not a mass anime-watcher like some of the fans you'll find all over the internet. Simply being an anime doesn't make me want to watch a series. What I want is a sincere anime that truly brings you into its world and makes you love the characters, the story and the setting. But that doesn't sell as much, it seems, as the endless cycle of ... Read more

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