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Archive for February 17th, 2010

Further Reflection on Millenium Actress

Before reading further, I will point out that my actual review is found here, while this post will contain spoilers as well as my general impressions of the film’s plot and ending.

I usually make it a habit of checking IMDB comments on films that I have just seen, and I was a little surprised to see some negative comments from people who felt like the last line of the film ruined the story.  This is because they thought …

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Millenium Actress Review

I've always heard the name Satoshi Kon pop up in serious anime discussions, but my familiarity with his works has been fairly restricted.  There is, of course, Tokyo Godfathers, which was an enjoyable film that earned quite a positive review from me, but I've been told that it is the least indicative of his general style.  After watching Millenium Actress, I think I might have a better idea of what that "style" may be, and it is indeed a very interesting one.... Read more

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