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Archive for February, 2010

Further Reflection on Millenium Actress

Before reading further, I will point out that my actual review is found here, while this post will contain spoilers as well as my general impressions of the film’s plot and ending.

I usually make it a habit of checking IMDB comments on films that I have just seen, and I was a little surprised to see some negative comments from people who felt like the last line of the film ruined the story.  This is because they thought …

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Millenium Actress Review

I've always heard the name Satoshi Kon pop up in serious anime discussions, but my familiarity with his works has been fairly restricted.  There is, of course, Tokyo Godfathers, which was an enjoyable film that earned quite a positive review from me, but I've been told that it is the least indicative of his general style.  After watching Millenium Actress, I think I might have a better idea of what that "style" may be, and it is indeed a very interesting one.... Read more

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Figure 17 Review

Figure 17 aired back in 2001 under a fairly uncommon format - it consists of 13 episodes, but each episode is about double the length of a typical anime episode.  So in terms of actual length, it is more or less the equivalent of a common 26-episode series.  The story revolves around Tsubasa, a girl from Tokyo who has moved to rural Hokkaido and finds herself having trouble fitting in (not helped by her reserved demeanor).  One day, she stumbles upon a crashed alien ship and discovers a man fighting for his life against a giant, violent creature.  ..... Read more

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Orchestral Composition: Great Wave off Kanagawa

I’ll take a brief break from anime-related discussions to discuss my latest musical endeavors. If you follow my youtube channel, you’ll have seen my latest uploads of a few Studio Ghibli piano pieces – if not, Porco Rosso fans especially should check it out.  However, this post will be centered around a more major project, which is an orchestral composition of mine, titled “Great Wave off Kanagawa”.  As you may expect, the inspiration is the famous woodblock print by Japanese …

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Spring 2010 Anime Preview Thoughts

The new season’s anime previews has been posted up at CF’s website – you can take a look here.  I’m going to take a page out of psgels’ book and write a commentary on each of the offerings.  However, I’m not as familiar with the backgrounds of various non-Ghibli studios and directors, so my impressions will not be very insightful, are based mostly on merely the plot descriptions and images.

Angel Beats: This one seems to be from the …

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Thoughts on Learning Japanese

I took my first Japanese class a few years ago, and found that while it was a fun experience, it wasn’t exactly great use of time.  The entirety of what was taught in the weekly 3 hour classes (throughout the year) could have been covered in a month with efficient self-studying.  So I eventually left the classes because of lack of time and became one of those “self-studying” students of the language.  After about an year of gradually teaching myself …

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