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Archive for December 23rd, 2009

Laputa: USA Soundtrack Review

The original Laputa had about 30-35 minutes of score for its length of around two hours.  One of the things which stuck most in my mind when I first watched the film was the silence that was so prevalent throughout, including dramatic sequences that in Hollywood films would have exploited with plenty of bombastic music.  When Laputa was brought over for release in America, it was decided that the silence might make American viewers uncomfortable.  Some might disagree, but in the end, the result was commissioning Joe Hisaishi to rescore the entire film, bringing the runtime up to about an hour of music.  There is a potential here for an endless debate about the...... Read more

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Laputa: Castle in the Sky Review

Laputa was the first official film created by the newly formed company called Studio Ghibli after their success with Nausicaa, and it is an adventure story in every sense of the term.  It is lighter in tone than Nausicaa, doesn't approach the complexity of Miyazaki's greatest works, and instead has a youthful charm and pervasive innocence that is hard to dislike.  Even though Miyazaki is still refining his directorial techniques with Laputa, we can still see the imaginative......

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