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Archive for November, 2009

Whisper of the Heart Review (Mimi o Sumaseba)

Whisper of the Heart is a quiet and charming film which happens to be my favourite film, animated or not - a position its held ever since I first saw it as a young teenager.  Years later, having become a jaded unviersity engineering student, a quick revisit to this delightful story never fails to bring back that shiny eyed enthusiastic adolescent within me.  Whisper is a film about all the great things about life succinctly rolled into one sweet package shown from the perspective a young girl at the age where she truly begins to experience them for the first time.  Friendships, family, dreams, ambitions - it's the ..... Read more

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Elfen Lied Review

Though this will probably end up sounding like a primarily negative-sounding review, I do think that Elfen Lied is an anime built upon a promising premise.  There are a few interesting moments scattered across its thirteen episodes, as well as one of my favourite opening themes.  Sadly, when a series feels the need to coat promising ideas in fluff in order to gain viewers, it generally stops being worthwhile, and that’s my view of Elfen Lied (though probably also the …

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