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Archive for October, 2009

My Take: Corridor of Time: Chrono Trigger

I'm alive, just very inactive. Here's my latest musical project, my own take on "Corridor of Time" from Chrono Trigger, a sort of "cover", I suppose..... Read more

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Kodocha: Improved Subtitles Project (Kodomo no Omocha)


I have decided to provide a common resource for complete subtitles for Kodocha while fixing some episodes that have very poor fansubs (40-51).  I don’t promise superb subs, as my Japanese is decent at best, but hopefully they will be appreciated as the current ones for these episodes are unreadable.

I have something of a  sentimental affection for this series, and as the licensed Kodocha DVDs are out of production, online fansubs will soon be the only way to …

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