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Archive for September, 2009

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Review

Two kids, Mirai and Yuuki, spend the day at a robot fair on a nearby island when an powerful earthquake strikes Tokyo. They find themselves stranded amidst the results of aftermath of this disaster and must find their way home with the help of Mari, a single mother who happens to be a very good Samaritan...... Read more

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10 Anime Reccomendations

This post is intended as a summary of the anime that I would use as initial reccomendations.  It is intended as a quick reference for those who stumble across my site and find that they have tastes and preferences that are similar to mine.  These do not represent what I consider to be the “best” of anime nor are they ranked in any particular order.



Mimi wo Sumaseba / Whisper of the Heart (Review Link)

Whisper of the …

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Banner of the Stars II & III Review

This installment of the Stars franchise brings us the third arc in the story of Jinto and Lafiel. The story revolves around a captured planet which serves as a housing site for prisoners. It is currently in a state of anarchy, with multiple people from..... Read more

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Banner of the Stars (I) Review

Banner of the Stars continues the story established in Crest of the Stars, with Jinto and Lafiel both being members of an attack vessel (Lafiel is the Captain). The story begins with them finishing their training and eventually being assigned to a very dangerous mission which involves protecting a region from a fleet that is much larger than their own...... Read more

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Crest of the Stars Review

Crest of the Stars is an anime series adapted from the beginning of a series of sci-fi novels written by Morioka Hiroyuki. Although I am not really a fan of science fiction as a genre, Planetes convinced me to give any setting or genre a chance, and I was told that Crest of the Stars was very character-oriented, which I enjoy. So I gave it a shot.

.... Read more

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Tokyo Godfathers Review

Three homeless street wanderers - a former deadbeat dad, a gruff-voiced transgendered "woman", and a runaway teenager - come across a crying baby in a dumpster. They argue over what do with it at first, but eventually settle on tracking down the parents who abandoned her. They set off on a path littered with unexpected detours and coincidences that alternately bring them close to danger and ...... Read more

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Last Exile Review

Last Exile takes place in a fictional world which resembles ninteeth century Europe except for the fact that complex flying ships exist and are used as a primary methods of transportation and warfare. We're introduced to our two young characters, Claus and Lavie, as amateur couriers who fly a vanship - a small flying vehicle which requires a pilot and a navigator.... Read more

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School Days Review

.... Read more

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Natsume Yuujinchou Sheet Music

Piano arrangement of Natsu Yuuzora, ED from season one of Natsume Yuujinchou. Sheet music Mp3 file Read more

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