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Archive for July, 2009

Sora no Manimani piano arrangement – Manten no Sekai

Episode 3 of Sora no Manimani ended with a delightful extended scene of planetarium-gazing, that was good enough to convince me to continue watching the show. The music used was particularly good, so I've done an arrangement for piano solo. My.... Read more

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Honey and Clover Review

Every time someone asks me for an anime reccomendation, regardless of genre, Honey and Clover will probably come up. Any ranking of my favourite anime must include Honey and Clover. Why do I like Honey and Clover so much? On a basic level, the plot (the lives of a collection of young adults) doesn't seem very different from some other anime out there. Other shows deal with friendship. Other shows deal with growing up and transitioning from teenagers to full-fledged adults. Other shows deal with unrequited love. What is it that makes a small but vocal minority rave about the brilliance of Honey and Clover? Read more

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Kurenai Review

Kurenai Shinkuro is a "dispute mediator" who is assigned the task of protecting Murasaki, a seven year old girl who was taken from her family, the Kuhoins. The Kuhoins are a very traditional family who operates a system where the women, after giving birth (to their siblings), are forced to stay in an inner sanctuary, and other women are brought in to raise the children and appear as their mother.

This description might give an incorrect impression of what the series is ..... Read more

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10 Favourite Simpsons Episodes

First, a small rant. The company distributing Cross Game had my upload of the OP song sequence removed from Youtube. I really wonder if it is so bad to have the OP video on youtube. The worst it could do is drum up some interest in either the anime or the song, thus making more people watch it - or buy the actual full length song. What a horrible thought, eh?

The Simpsons was a big part of growing up for me. They would show multiple episodes on Saturday evenings on the local channel here and I think that I've seen pretty much every episode of seasons 1-8. Animated television in North America is primarily aimed at children, but Simpsons was one of the exceptions with its smart writing, endearing characters and clever wit...... Read more

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Touch (30-54)

Many spoilers for these episodes ahead.

Read more

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Haibane Renmei Review

Haibane Renmei begins with a girl who finds herself in a room she doesn't recognize in a town she doesn't know. Everyone around her has wings and halos, and she grows her own as well. No one seems to know how or why they became what they became, and they live in a small town bordered by walls that no one may leave.... Read more

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Touch 5-30

This post will contain spoilers for episodes 5 through 30. I really do not suggest reading it unless you've seen these episodes too, as they cover a major event that should be left for viewers to see on their own first.

So, it turns out that Touch doesn't follow the exact path that I had presumed it would after the first few episodes..... Read more

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Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 First Impressions

The first episode of Tokyo Magnitude impressed me. It impressed me quite a lot, though many over at Animesuki seem to have had a more negative reaction. The reason, I suppose, is that a lot of people were expecting an action packed disaster show (the plot revolves around an earthquake hitting Tokyo, in case that wasn't obvious). What they got was a gentle introductory episode which brought to life some very realistic characters ..... Read more

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Touch (1-5)

I will proclaim that the holy trinity of 80s slice-of-life will contain Maison Ikkoku, Touch, and Kimagure Orange Road. Of the three, I would say Kimagure is the weakest (sorry, KOR fans). Of the remaining two, it's a toss up, as I have only begun Touch. The episodes I've seen so far have dragged me into the world and its characters as much as Maison Ikkoku has. Of course, it isn't perfect, and still contains a few occasional juvenile tropes also found in these other two series. But overall, I find it ... Read more

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