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Archive for July, 2008

Review – Love Hina Orchestral Score/Soundtrack

Sample clips montage (lowered quality) : "Hinata Inn Theme" , "Hinata Hot Springs Station" , "Serious"

Regardless of whether you like Love Hina or not, listening to this symphonic score will make you realize how sad it is that most anime series don’t seem to have large music budgets. Many of them toss some synths and piano solos into the background and call it a day. As a show, Love Hina is as divisive as a series can get. Some people swear by it and call it the greatest anime ever, while some people consider it a worthless extended fanservice scene (stretched through 25 episodes). I’m not going to get into that debate about the show itself in this post. What I am going to do instead, though, is praise the absolutely fantastic symphonic soundtrack (score) which was produced for the second......(continued) Read more

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Angels in America soundtrack (score) review

Sample clips montage (low-quality): "Main Titles", "Mauve Antarctica", "Bethesda Fountain"

“Angels in America” is a miniseries by HBO which is based on a play written by Tony Kushner. It revolves around the various relationships of a group of people during the AIDS crisis in the 1980s. Without explaining the plot, let me just say that it is indeed quite an odd show. This adjective is also commonly used by his critics to describe Thomas Newman’s music – what a coincidence.

“Angels in America” seems like the perfect project for Newman. It is a drama at its core, but with quirky aspects to numerous scenes and characters. Thus, while Newman’s dramatic side can shine, he also brings his more unique side (such as in “American Beauty”) to the table, but on a larger scale, effortlessly merged with the orchestra...continued) Read more

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WALL-E sheet music

I was kind of obsessed with WALL-E for a bit so I wrote up some sheet music for the main theme (The Axoim on the soundtrack). http://omohide.com/WALL_E_Theme_Axiom.pdf (leave off the www) Read more

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