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Archive for December, 2007

Honey & Clover – Fugainaiya

In addition to the Totoro sheet music posted below, I have more for you - I've arranged sheet music for Fugainaiya , from Honey and Clover, recorded an mp3, and also recorded an mp3 of Waltz. Neither of these appear on the actual OST for some reason. Here they are: Fugainaiya Sheet music - http://www.omohide.com/Fugainaiya_theowne@gmail.pdf Fugainaiya Mp3 - http://www.omohide.com/Fugainaiya - theowne@gmail_dot_com.mp3 Waltz Mp3 - http://www.omohide.com/Waltz - theowne@gmail_dot_com.mp3 Read more

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Totoro – Sanpo – Piano Arrangement

Someone asked me to write down the arrangement of the Totoro opening theme that I usually play on piano. So, I have done so and I'm sharing it with all of you: http://www.omohide.com/Totoro_Sampo_Theowne.pdf In case you don't play, but would like to hear it, here's (a somewhat low quality) recording of myself: http://omohide.com/Sampo_piano_Totoro_theowne.mp3 Feel free to contact me with any comments you may have. Read more

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