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Music of Kimagure Orange Road

There isn't a whole lot of music from Kimagure Orange Road that stuck out for me, so this post will be rather short, and you probably shouldn't expect another orchestral remake project like I did for Maison Ikkoku (heh). With that being said..... Read more

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Film Review: Kimagure Orange Road: I Want to Return to That Day

Note: If you looking for a spoiler-free review of the series from my perspective, find my review of the TV series. This post contains spoilers, and my thoughts on the contents of this film. As the only people who would/should watch this are those who have completed the TV series, and because those who have completed the TV series should already know (or have a very strong inkling) how the "triangle" will resolve, I don't feel it's necessary to avoid spoilers. The Kimagure Orange Road TV series concluded with an optimistic and quite well-done moment that nevertheless did not really conclude the story because it left the issue of the "romantic triangle" up in the air. It was something of an idealized ending - providing the viewers with a happy moment without having to actually resolve the romantic triangle, which of course, would yield plenty of depressing moments. A lot of reviews for this film are exceedingly positive, applauding it for being realistic, mature, serious, etc......I'm not really sure what my opinion of this film, to be honest. I was ready for the lack of comedy and serious nature, and I was looking forward to seeing the plotline be dealt with seriously, yet still, something doesn't sit right with me. The first thing I should mention is that this film is very different from the series. As mentioned...... Read more

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Kimagure Orange Road Review

There are no spoilers in this review, since it's intended for those who are interested in picking up this series. For my thoughts on the ending, check my "impressions" threads. This review covers the TV series and the OVA packages, and is written before I begin the final movies, so I am reviewing these solely on their own merit.

Kimagure Orange Road is often touted as one of the "classic romance duo", the other being Maison Ikkoku. My other blog posts should indicate that Maison Ikkoku, despite having several flaws which were highly visible at times, became one of my favourite anime, and that was due mostly to a strong attachment to the characters, causing a very deep investment in their growth and development. That is one of the most important factors which ..... Read more

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