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Honey and Clover Piano Videos / Downloads / Sheet Music


As many people know, several of the wonderful piano pieces which were scattered throughout Honey and Clover were never released on the original soundtrack. This includes the single most significant musical manifestation of all that is Honey and Clover - the Waltz piano version. But it also includes several other pieces...[]... Read more

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My Favourite Anime Episode – Honey And Clover 2 Episode 7 (H&C II)

I have watched quite a few well-made anime series and they have had their fair share of beautiful, emotional, or simply well-done episodes and scenes. Yet, somehow, I can say with utmost confidence that the single greatest chapter of any anime I have seen is the seventh episode of the second season of Honey and Clover..... Read more

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Music of Honey and Clover

Honey and Clover represents absolute perfection when it comes to the use of music. Okay, maybe I'm being too excessive, but it really is a shining example of music, both vocal and score, done right. Before Honey and Clover, I paid very little attention to vocal music of any kind or language (I mostly listened to classical music, film scores, or similar), but Honey and Clover really showed me how powerful vocal music can be when used properly. Perhaps I was just brainwashed by all the superficial songs that pervade the airwaves. Honey and Clover definitely changed that mindset..... Read more

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