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Touch (1-5)

I will proclaim that the holy trinity of 80s slice-of-life will contain Maison Ikkoku, Touch, and Kimagure Orange Road. Of the three, I would say Kimagure is the weakest (sorry, KOR fans).  Of the remaining two, it’s a toss up, as I have only begun Touch.  The episodes I’ve seen so far have dragged me into the world and its characters as much as Maison Ikkoku has.  Of course, it isn’t perfect, and still contains a few occasional juvenile tropes also found in these other two series.  But overall, I find it just as charming as Cross Game, which is actually the series that lead me to look into Touch.  They have the same author, and do share the similar trait of baseball having a somewhat prominent role.  But don’t be fooled, these aren’t sports stories, they are comedy/dramas about people and their relationships which involve sports.  So far this one looks like a gem.

On another note, Minami has such a wonderful voice.  I suppose it makes as much sense to compliment a person’s voice as it does to compliment having two arms……but regardless, it really stood out to me.  There is something of a singing quality to it…..It might be the first time that I’ve actually been compelled to research a voice actor.  Touch aired in the mid-80’s, but it appears she’s still going strong, now in her forties.

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