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Honey and Clover Piano Videos / Downloads / Sheet Music


As many people know, several of the wonderful piano pieces which were scattered throughout Honey and Clover were never released on the original soundtrack (this has since been fixed).  This includes the single most significant musical manifestation of all that is Honey and Clover – the Waltz piano version.  But it also includes several other pieces.

This is my catch-all Honey and Clover piano post.  It contains the following:

#1) Youtube videos of myself playing a collection of H&C Piano pieces (these have been taken down by Youtube, unfortunately, for now)

#2) Downloadable MP3s of those recordings (high quality)

#3) Two pieces of sheet music I have written for two piano pieces (“Fugainaiya” (BGM version), and “Asa no Hikari” (this is a made up name based on a scene it was used in, as it doesn’t have an official one))

You can find the rest of the sheet music at Josh’s anime sheet music site.

I’ve done this for seven pieces: Waltz (piano), Fugainaiya (BGM-piano), Dramatic, Yamanai Ame, Yawarakana Jikan, and Asa no Hikari.  Here they are:







Yamanai Ame



Yawarakana Jikan



Fugainaiya (BGM piano)



*Sheet music by me*


Asa no Hikari



*sheet music by me*


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41 Responses to “Honey and Clover Piano Videos / Downloads / Sheet Music”

  1. Setsukyieon Dec 30th 2008

    I know a bit of Waltz on the guitar.
    But none of the songs on the piano..>_<
    I’m still not good enough on the piano to play any of the songs..

    And your piano playing is awesome! ^_^

  2. johnon Dec 30th 2008

    Hey man, sorry for not replying, I’ve been really busy.

    But now, you are my god. I worship you for the piano pieces that you have bestowed upon us =D

    Jk. But seriously, thank you. I always wondered why they didn’t put the waltz piano version on the OST =(

    *incidentally, if you liked HnC, I think you’d like the following manga/anime

    5 Cm Per Second (Must see)
    Solanin (A great manga about growing up, the aimlessness and confusion of youth, and of coming to terms with yourself)

    Great piano playing =)

  3. ziron Dec 30th 2008

    Some piano versions, including Waltz, are on the COMPLETE BEST album.

  4. Just passing byon Jan 12th 2009

    Thanks for the sheets and the videos. They’re all lovely.

    This is probably not the best place in you site to write this, but I also love Honey and Clover. It’s one of my favorite anime. Couldn’t help rewatching it a couple of times, and it just gets better every time you watch it. You discover something new about the series. And I just never get tired of it. It is one of the most profound animes that I have watched. Explores and covers a lot of what life/being alive is all about. I browsed/read through some of your comments, which were really worth looking into. Unfortunately, I really need to sleep right now so I would probably just comment on your thoughts when I do have time.

    Thanks again for the sheets. It’s great knowing that there are some people out there who do share the same passions you have.. 🙂

    Til then.

  5. Christinaon Jan 13th 2009

    You have no idea how much thanks I owe you for posting the sheet music to Fugainaiya. Before now, I could never have hoped to find a better version! I listen to the piano edits of Fugainaiya and Split EVERY night before I go to bed. To me, they are such beautiful peices and bring back the memories of Honey and Clover, which I completely adore. I hope I dont sound too crazy…I was just really moved by the music. So really, I appreciate this VERY much! I will have to learn this on my own (I dont really know much about playing piano), but at least I am off to a GREAT start!!!!!! Thank you!!

  6. Miraon Jan 20th 2009

    You are so greatt..!!!!!! Thank you so much for written the two pieces of sheet music.. 😀 can you write Suneohair – Split as well, pleaseee…??? many thanks~ >,<

  7. Celineon Apr 30th 2009

    Konnichiwa! haha,You play the piano really well. I can feel the emotion of the person who wrote this song. I can’t find the piano score for honey and clover’s song. Do you know where to find it? If you do,pls tell me. I really appreaciate it as I have been looking for it for along time now. Arigato Gozaimasu! Sayonara!

  8. Vinceon May 16th 2009

    You are really good. But I’m pretty sure that I don’t have to tell you that hahaha.

    I was wondering if you had any sort of transcription of the Piano BGM version of Split?
    I personally like Split BGM more than Fugainaiya BGM, although Fugainaiya is amazing.

    Good work on the Asa no Hikari piece. I actually had to go back and find the scene that it was from… but it’s good! Great stuff.

    Aww man… Now I think I’m going to have to watch HnC all over again… I watched it when it first came out in 2005… and now… because of you… I’m going to have to watch it all over again. Nothing wrong with that right?

  9. adminon May 16th 2009

    Hey Vince,

    I’ve gotten a few requests to do the piano version of Split. If someone could remind me an exact episode and timestamp when a full version of the piece appears, I could do a transcription of it when I have time.

  10. Annaon Jul 24th 2009

    hi there.. where can i find the sheet music for waltz? by the way, very good playing.. i really love honey and clover.. just send me an email.. thanx so much..

  11. Rukaon Jul 24th 2009

    I love your rendition of Fugainaiya. Lovely, charming yet gentle.

  12. illurvenison Jul 27th 2009

    i listen to these every day now.i hope my mom could teach me how to play by your sheets,thank you very much and maybe you could play melodies from other anime too …your piano playing is really inspiring…

  13. A fanon Aug 6th 2009

    Why can’t i see the sheet… 🙁

  14. Miraon Aug 17th 2009

    you can hear Split in piano version here,, 😀 or u can watch it in episode 7,, =)


  15. Jayopgson Aug 20th 2009

    DUDE!!! LOVE THE PIANO PLAYING!!! I seriously need the sheet music for dramatic though…. its for school you see.

    If you could send me the sheets i would be greatful ^_^

    THX!!!!! XD

  16. Jayopgson Aug 20th 2009

    btw.. plz send it here… lockon_charles@yahoo.com

  17. Theowneon Aug 20th 2009

    The sheets are already available on other sites. A quick Google search will bring them up…..

  18. Jayopgson Aug 20th 2009

    thats the problem… i cant seem to find any =.= WAHHH!!!!!!

    could you atleast ell me what sight should i go to?

    thx !!

  19. Theowneon Aug 20th 2009


  20. Frisseeon Sep 13th 2009

    I love you so much… ;_;

    Thanks for all the sheet music, and your piano playing is -beautiful-.

  21. usagijenon Nov 16th 2009

    Was late in discovering this, but thank you!! Currently on H&C mode and this makes the experience even more… wonderful. ^_^

    The Waltz Piano version started playing on my head the moment I read the title too hehe

  22. Jessica Whiteon Feb 4th 2010

    Wow, listening to the slow version of the waltz made my cry. A lot. Thank you for transcribing and posting this video, this song contains so much.

  23. AegisXLIIon Feb 14th 2010

    Great work here man, love the piano renditions. I’m currently starting HnCII, great show. Really captures a lot of the trials of growing up. Also, computer engineering students for life!

  24. smithon Mar 28th 2010

    great job krub love your piano sound

  25. Quoxon Apr 9th 2010

    hey! i saw u on youtube and u are amazing!!! i love this music, and if u dont mind i will download the sheets ^^ i was looking for this type of feeling and ur interpretation is very clean!


  26. sakuraon Apr 27th 2010

    Well done,and thanx a lot!!!:)

  27. Gabbyon Aug 17th 2010

    These are very very amazing! I listen to them a lot, thanks for putting them up 🙂

  28. Lufangon Oct 4th 2010

    Your piano play is so beautiful and dreaming. Like it a lot.
    I keep listen to your piano repeatedly~

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful Music Sheet too ^^//

  29. Kimon Dec 16th 2010

    your playing is really great! i wish i could play like that!
    please make a tutorial in yawarakana jikan please.
    i have no experience in piano lesson and reading notes.
    thumbs up for your playing! (^.^)

  30. Minhon Feb 14th 2011

    thx for putting allof this up, i cant tell u how much time i took to find honey and clover music =)

  31. Quidamon Apr 15th 2011

    thanks a lot, I really love Honey & Clover both the anime and the OST and your playing is just awsome 🙂

  32. shaneon Nov 7th 2011

    hay,I heard u play and you were and still are awesome. Also, I was just wondering if u could send me a sheet or two i’m trying to learn more awesome styles of music and when i heard u play i told myself i have to learn what u r playing. so if u can please send me some sheets

  33. Peachon Jun 8th 2012

    Hi Theowne! Thank you so much for sharing these pieces! I recently finished both seasons of Honey and Clover, fell in love with the show and was mesmerized by the music. I was wondering if you had still any intention of covering Split- Piano Version by Suneohair? My attempt to search for the sheet music was unsuccessful but it led me to your site for which I’m grateful!

  34. Theowneon Jun 8th 2012

    I can’t say for sure that I will or won’t do it in the future – I do plan on rewatching the series soon, so maybe I will be struck with inspiration to do it…but I’m finding that having a full time job leaves you with less time for these pursuits =P . I guess the only answer I can say is – perhaps, but no promises.

  35. Tyanaon Dec 7th 2013

    They’re all wonderful! I directly downloaded them all at once. Arigatou gozaimasu.

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  41. wesleyon Jul 11th 2017

    In Honey and Clover Season 2 Episode 7 from 14:00 to 15:00 during the conversation between Tatsuo and Tsukasa there’s a piano piece. Do you happen to know the name of this piece.

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