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Kodocha: Improved Subtitles Project (Kodomo no Omocha)


I have decided to provide a common resource for complete subtitles for Kodocha while fixing some episodes that have very poor fansubs (40-51).  I don’t promise superb subs, as my Japanese is decent at best, but hopefully they will be appreciated as the current ones for these episodes are unreadable.

I have something of a  sentimental affection for this series, and as the licensed Kodocha DVDs are out of production, online fansubs will soon be the only way to get the series.   I will provide them as .srt files, which are how the currently available fansubs are being distributed  (For those who don’t know, srt files are used by renaming them to the name of the video file and placing them in the same directory).  I won’t be providing any video files of the series here, to avoid any kind of legal issue.

On the other hand, if someone wishes to repackage the currently available fansubs with these replacements, once finished, and submit them elsewhere on the internet, feel free to do so in any manner, with credit or without.  My only goal here is to keep the series alive in a watchable form.  I am only providing the text-based srt files – please don’t ask me where to find the actual media files.  A quick Google search and some basic Bittorent knowledge will solve that for you.

And, if you’re interested, here is my original review of the series.

Episodes 1-39 Subtitles (Not done by me)

Episode 40 subtitles (Completed 10/13/2013)

Episode 41 subtitles (Completed 11/5/2013)

Episode 42 subtitles (Completed 01/31/2014)

Update: This project is currently dead in the water as of August 2014.

Episodes 52-102 subtitles (Not done by me)

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12 Responses to “Kodocha: Improved Subtitles Project (Kodomo no Omocha)”

  1. murray fischbeinderon Oct 22nd 2013

    Welcome back!

    Missed your insights & commentary, not to mention your piano arrangements & such.
    Guess I’ll have to hunt for ‘Kodocha’ & give it a look – your tastes in this genre seem pretty good so far…

    – be seeing you

  2. Theowneon Oct 22nd 2013

    Thanks for your comment. I should say, though, that Kodocha is fairly different from most of the anime I tend to like and write about. There is a bit of sentimentality in my affection for it and its characters.

  3. lapouneon Oct 28th 2013

    Very cool of you to do this. I love this show too and it’s sad it’s not available with better quality subs.

    Are you translating them all yourself?

  4. Theowneon Oct 28th 2013

    I’m limiting myself to episodes 41-50 because those are the ones that are truly poor quality translations (even the names are wrong). The other subs, though not amazing by today’s standards, and accurate enough to enjoy the show.

  5. yoion Nov 8th 2013

    thank you so much for doing this~~~

  6. maageon Nov 18th 2013

    Thank you for doing this!

  7. Theowneon Nov 19th 2013

    You are both quite welcome.

  8. Daremonaion Dec 20th 2013

    For doing this, you are my favoritest person every ^_^

    Though seriously, I am really happy to see someone has taken up this project. Kodocha also has a rather sentimental place in my heart and I only just got around to grabbing the mid-late episodes and was horrified at just how bad the subtitles were. I am actually picking up more of the plot from the Japanese then English, and that is really sad.

  9. neoprenepersonon Jan 26th 2014

    is this still a thing that is happening?

  10. Theowneon Jan 26th 2014

    Yes, I am (slowly) still working on this.

  11. yoion May 16th 2014

    Just coming back and thanking you again for the lovely translations ;v;
    *cheering you on*

  12. nagykon Nov 26th 2016

    Hello. Your subtitles made me very happy. Have you made any advances with the remaining episodes? (43-51) I’m currently watching the show and i was totally shocked when i saw those translations. Not that they’re inaccurate… they are very far from actual correct english senctences of any meaning. Oh god i wish i knew japanese. I’m currently learning but i’m years away from understanding it so good.

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