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WALL-E sheet music

I was kind of obsessed with WALL-E for a bit so I wrote up some sheet music for the main theme (The Axoim on the soundtrack).


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39 Responses to “WALL-E sheet music”

  1. Carlen Wirthon Jul 2nd 2008

    Awesome! Could you write an arrangement for “Define Dancing”?

  2. adminon Jul 2nd 2008

    That ones a bit more tricky because it’s more reliant on rhythms and percussion, but I”ll give it a shot.

  3. John Ayarrson Jul 17th 2008

    I’m really impressed with this music! Thanks so much for doing it. The music in Wall-e just blew me away and I really wanted to figure out some sheet music!

  4. chanceon Jul 21st 2008

    could you please try to write the music to the credit song, Down To Earth by Peter Gabriel? It has a good piano part but I don’t think the sheet music is available anywhere.

  5. C-Spazon Aug 2nd 2008

    Please find a way to play “Down to Earth”! your song was fabby, but i really want to leard how to play Down to Earth because it is my all time favourite Wall-e song!!!

  6. americaninja911on Aug 21st 2008

    wow! you wrote that? it’s really pretty, though i don’t really recognize it. and yea, could you write some for “Down to Earth” by Peter Gabriel? plz????? i like that song a lot, and i just tried playing it by ear; i failed. PLEASE HELP MEEE!!! i mean, u don’t have to if u don’t wanna, i’m just saying i wud be very very very very grateful if you did! =]

  7. Matthewon Aug 21st 2008

    Do you think you could find out the music for the BNL theme? I’d love that.

  8. Djeelooon Aug 28th 2008

    Here are a bunch of chords that might help you working on this tremandous song:
    Bb (with glitterings notes around) (x4)
    Gm / Eb / Cm / Ab /Bb / Bb
    Bb / C7 (x2)

    Bb / C7 (x4)
    Gm / Eb / Bb / Eb / Bb / Bb (x2)

    F / C / F /C / Bb / C / F / C (x2)

    Bridge (Like a fish in the ocean):
    Bb / C
    You might adjust the number of bars, but this sounds great, unless my guitar was not correctly tuned (I just woke up and tried this quickly)
    Enjoy, and feed back !

  9. Djeelooon Aug 28th 2008

    P.S.: On the verse, the Bb and C7 goes Bb4 and C7/4, And the C is “7” in the Verse and plain in the chorus (and minor in the intro, but this is a typical P.G. weird trick…)

  10. Djeelooon Aug 28th 2008

    I misswrote:
    The end of Chorus is not Bb/Bb but Bb/C7…

  11. Djeelooon Aug 28th 2008

    I meant the end of the verse…
    Feel free to tell me if you think I’m wrong on some points.

  12. wallyon Sep 11th 2008

    Hi! I would be so glad if you could make those sheets for “define dancing” 😀 😀

  13. gavon Sep 18th 2008

    cool music!!!
    Would also love it if you could write the music for ‘down to earth’. I really wanna play and sing it. It’s such a good song. Great stuff !! G.

  14. Djeelooon Sep 25th 2008

    Well, actually this IS “Down To Earth”, by Peter Gabriel, not the BNL theme.
    It was my answer to americaninja911, I just missed the Matthew’s request, sorry guys I wasn’t clear on this…
    And for “Define Dancing”, well, it’s an orchestral score, so it might be a bit more difficult.
    Let’s try it !

  15. adminon Sep 25th 2008

    Actually, the Axiom is also an orchestral score. But “Define Dancing” is more rhythmically defined and I don’t think the piano suits it as well as “The Axiom”. I’m glad you all enjoyed the sheet music so much to request more, but I’m a somewhat busy student and I have to be selective 🙂

  16. crissyon Sep 27th 2008

    yeah mabey some day u could do define dancing???? could you do a complex version and a simpler version… i play the flute and i think i could play it if it wasn’t so complex…. 🙂

  17. crissyon Sep 27th 2008


  18. nemoon Oct 17th 2008

    i love it! Did you remove the soundtrack available for download?

  19. americaninja911on Oct 25th 2008

    wow. Thanks Djeeloo!! I does sound like it!… that wuz supposed to be for the guitar, right??? cuz i tried both guitar and piano. Guitar sounded better

  20. americaninja911on Oct 25th 2008

    oops i mean “IT does sound like…” sorry

  21. Trace Elmenson Nov 5th 2008

    I know you are doing a lot for everyone right now, but could you also do ” All That Love’s About”? That was my favorite piece in Wall-E.

  22. Lisa Priceon Nov 21st 2008

    Love to see sheet music for ‘Repair Ward’!

  23. Aleixson Nov 23rd 2008

    The chords are for “Down to Earth”, right? I tried it on guitar, and it didn’t sound right. It felt like a completely different key, actually. I’m not all that good on guitar, so maybe I’m playing it wrong, but is it a different key from the original?

  24. Justussonon Dec 6th 2008

    I didn’t quite bring it together either, maybe it’s a bit different on the piano. But here’s something that I’ve found, please work with this and try to make it complete.

    Most of the song goes: B / C#

    The Part of: “did you feel you were tricked.” and “all these rules don’t apply.” is B / E / G#m / E and back to B – C#.

    The rest is quite near these chords as well but I don’t know it entirely.

  25. Barretton Dec 7th 2008

    Always wonderful to hear great songs being played well on the piano.

    If anyone has links to more WALL-E sheet music, please post.

  26. Jasonon Dec 13th 2008

    Excellent interpretation. Well done!
    I don’t suppose you could re-record it with a bird’s-eye view of the keyboard.
    I can’t read sheet music, but I can learn anything if I see what parts the hands are playing, and I’d love to know how to play this piece.
    You’re clearly a gifted pianist. Thanks for doing this 🙂

  27. lucikon Dec 22nd 2008

    Vážně super stránka zbožňuju piáno 😉 Chtěla bych se vás na něco zeptat…

    Hello…I don´t understand. I from czech republic, but this is very excellent ! I like play the piano and this song is very beautiful… You have got sheet of music define dancing ? please :D…I am sorry for my crazy English XD

  28. missalikaton Jan 2nd 2009

    Gee, and to think I was the only one! I’m so obsessed with WALL-E it’s not even funny! What I would love to do is take that one song, “Fixing Wall-e”, and compose a song based off of it on the piano. You know, like a lullaby. But, I’m just beginning to play the piano (without an instructor; I’m playing by ear/book), and I’m not sure where to start…

    Anybody have any pointers?

    BTW, You are AMAZING at the piano. I don’t know how you can do it; it’s like flocks and flocks of doves are flying in sync to the keys, producing a beautiful and scenic melody. 😀

    Um… could you kinda sorta help me?? 😕

  29. Bobon Jan 10th 2009

    Thank you so much for doing this. Wall-E was an awesome movie and Disney/Pixar did everything right, the music included. I too am definitely obsessed with the music right now, and this is exactly what I need to satisfy my addiction, visible on Last.fm as user capn_planet 😀

    I’m not sure if you’ve heard of http://www.last.fm.com but it’s pretty sweet, and seeing as youre into basically everything that I am, you might check it out – it logs your music listening history, which you can view later and do really cool things with.

    Thanks again

  30. nolanon Jan 19th 2009

    can you make a tutorial of how to play this song? That would be awesome cause i can’t read sheet music yet.

  31. Henryon Feb 8th 2009

    You’re great man.
    What a talent!
    Thank you. 😉

  32. Nicoleon Feb 16th 2009

    Great arrangement i’m a huge fan of wall-e. I would be great if you could get the arrangement of”define dancing”. It my favorite piece from the movie. Thanks. Please inform me of updates

  33. Mike Gentileon Jul 21st 2009

    I’m currently working on an arrangement for Define Dancing and I can tell you its in 3/4 C# at about 100 bpm.

    So far I’ve mapped out the rhythm keyboard/harp, the lead melody, and all of the strings. I just need to fill in the percussion and the keyboard fills.

  34. Denaon Jan 29th 2010

    Beautiful i love it!!! Some parts of this sheet remind me of dreamworks prince of egypt animation which is a fine movie too, but not as good as Wall-e!!! not by a longshot!!!

  35. Jessica Whiteon Feb 4th 2010

    You have a good ear for really beautiful music.

  36. andoon Nov 23rd 2010

    can you make this into a midi file or mp3/mp4? would love to hear it on my mp3 player!

  37. Allisonon Oct 22nd 2012

    I would like to echo a request already on here… but could you please make a midi or mp3 sample of your song? Since the youtube link is gone… and it’s hard for me to “hear” the music just by reading it (unlike my piano teacher, I don’t have that superpower! haha). Thanks! 🙂

  38. Lishikaon Aug 5th 2015

    Could you try and do the song Static form Wall-E? I absolutely Love that song but am having a hard time writing it out because the notes are blended so well.

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