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Spring 2010 Anime Preview Thoughts

The new season’s anime previews has been posted up at CF’s website – you can take a look here.  I’m going to take a page out of psgels’ book and write a commentary on each of the offerings.  However, I’m not as familiar with the backgrounds of various non-Ghibli studios and directors, so my impressions will not be very insightful, are based mostly on merely the plot descriptions and images.

Angel Beats: This one seems to be from the subset of anime (visual novel based, otaku-oriented) that I generally dislike (sometimes storywise, sometimes in terms of female characterization), so this is not high on my interest list.  The story itself doesn’t particularly captivate me either, so I’ll remain a little skeptical. Interest: 1/5

Arakawa Under the Bridge: I don’t have much to say on this one.  It looks like it will be a “quirky” comedy, going by forum posts, and I doubt it will be one that I will follow. Interest: 2/5

B Gata H Kei: If you’ve read the plot description, then I don’t need to explain.  Interest: 0/5

Giant Killing: Probably not. The art style makes it stand out, but I think I will wait to see how others respond before giving this one a shot.   Which is better than my response would have been one year ago, when I would have dismissed any sports series off the bat. Interest: 1/5

Heroman: Stan Lee works with Studio Bones – interesting enough.  However, it is probably going to be action-heavy, which means I probably won’t be sticking around for it.  We’ll see. Interest: 2/5

House of Five Leaves: Again, not much to say about this one.  The artwork seems to give the impression of a supernatural/horror series, but that’s just my superficial interpretation.  Will give it a try.  Interest: 3/5

Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou: Doesn’t seem like my kind of anime.  The premise reminds me a lot of fantasy shounen series. Interest: 1/5

Iron Man: A Japanese company’s interpretation of an American franchise – with full creative freedom!  While I did love Spider-man as a kid, I’m not much for superheroes, nor do I like action shows, but the unique background to this one gets some interest from me. Interest: 3/5

Kaichou wa Maid-sama! : Ever since Honey and Clover, seeing “J.C. Staff” as the studio always draws my interest, despite the fact that much of their later products (Toradora!, Asatte no Houkou) were often disappointments to me.  The premise of this anime doesn’t particularly me either, so perhaps I will take a pass on J.C. Staff for once. Interest: 1/5

Kiss x Sis: Garbage. Interest: 0/5

K-On Season 2: K-ON and the similar new wave of otaku shows are often described as centered around “cute girls acting cute” (with “cute” often meaning “ditzy, airheaded, or childish”).  I’ve never been very interested in them.  Interest: 0/5

Ookiku Furikabutte! Season 2: Definitely.  Right when I had thought that I had seen all that baseball anime had to offer, Oofuri completely shattered my expectations with a fresh portrayal of both the sport, as well as the friendship and teamwork associated with it. Interest: 5/5

RAINBOW: A very captivating premise.  I have very, very high hopes for this. Interest: 5/5

Ring ni Kakero: Seems like your typical shounen action showInterest: 1/5

Senko no Night Raid: This one takes place in an around- WW2 setting, it seems – Imperial Japan in China.  That sort of not-often-seen-in-anime setting draws my interest immediately, but it remains to be seen whether the characterization or writing will hold my interest.  So this is on my “try” list.  Interest: 4/5

Yojo-han Shinwa Taikei: The plot description brings to mind Honey and Clover due to its college setting – and such a comparison is always good in my books.  Plus, it’s in the Noitamina timeslot, furthering the similarity.  I will definitely be giving this one a chance.  Interest: 5/5

Working! : At this point, it’s an enigma to me.  Interest: 3/5

There are other series listed on CF’s chart, but many seem to be straight children’s shows – or action series, neither of which I would spend much time with.  The question that is looming in the back of my mind is….when do we get a new season of Natsume Yuujinchou?

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3 Responses to “Spring 2010 Anime Preview Thoughts”

  1. Joojoobeeson Feb 17th 2010

    I’m mostly interested in the Noitamina shows. In particular I have high hopes for Five Leaves, as I am a sucker for Edo Japan, and the art work looks very unusual. Could be a good season.

  2. Jimon Feb 23rd 2010

    Giving a 1/5 for a show you’re a little ‘skeptical’ about? Right.

  3. Theowneon Feb 23rd 2010

    Hi Jim,

    You might have missed the fact that I’m not “giving” any show any score, I’m saying what my interest level is.

    If I’m skeptical about a show this early on, my interest level is very low. If I’m neutral on a show, my interest level will be moderate. Compute?

    Unless you’re ticked off that I am skeptical about a show you might like. Can’t help you on that one.

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