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My Take: Corridor of Time: Chrono Trigger

I’m alive, just very inactive.  Here’s my latest musical project, my own take on “Corridor of Time” from Chrono Trigger, a sort of “cover”, I suppose.  I think I did a nice job with the background upon which the melody plays, acoustic guitar and marimbas playing against a bed of percussion highlighted by the tablas (trying to keep the Hindu feel of the original).  I use a flute instead of a sitar because a sitar is just hard to fake and an obviously artificial one sounds somewhat “cheesy”.  Please excuse the egotistical piano solo injected in the middle, I could not restrain myself.

This really is a wonderful piece to work with, and it’s hard to make it sound anything less than good on the merits of the composition itself.  I do hope that I’ve contributed something, though, with this “remake” of it.  Enjoy!

Link: http://www.viddler.com/explore/theowne/videos/1/

Audio Link: http://www.omohide.com/music/Corridor%20of%20Time%20(www.omohide.com).mp3

Youtube Link: (Subscribe!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n39YaLEDTAU

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7 Responses to “My Take: Corridor of Time: Chrono Trigger”

  1. zzeroparticleon Oct 12th 2009

    I heartily approve of this cover. The little embellishments make it so that it’s different enough from the original while preserving its feel so that the arrangement can stand well on its own, especially with that awesome piano improv that you mentioned. “Corridor of Time” is among my favorite Mitsuda tracks, so to hear an excellent rendition of it such as this brings back good, fond memories of Chrono Trigger.

  2. Baka-Raptoron Oct 13th 2009

    You just brought sexy back.

  3. ExecutiveOtakuon Oct 13th 2009

    Very nice, I’m a huge Yasunori Mitsuda fan and I really liked your own remake of the song. The piano solo was a nice addition, not a distraction at all. Is there a way I can download your version in an audio format?

  4. Theowneon Oct 13th 2009

    I’ve appended an audio link to my post.

  5. Kevinon Oct 13th 2009

    hmm.. did you mean to inject that piano solo? or did it just happen? x)

  6. ExecutiveOtakuon Oct 14th 2009

    Thanks for the audio link. It’s going right to my mp3 player.

  7. Houstonon Aug 19th 2014

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