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Natsume Yuujinchou Sheet Music

First, my piano arrangement of Natsu Yuuzora“, ED from season one of Natsume Yuujinchou.

Second, my piano transcription (abridged) of the piano version of Kimi ga Yobu Namae“.

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49 Responses to “Natsume Yuujinchou Sheet Music”

  1. josephon Sep 18th 2009

    What can i say? i am glad you did this, and i hope you continue to do natsume yuujinchou piano scores, The music makes this anime way better than it already it’s, i was kind of sad to see only 2 scores around all the web, i really wanted to thank you.

  2. Jinon Sep 18th 2009

    I agree. The more piano scores released to the public the better. Natsume Yuuchinchou’s music really hits all the right notes.

    I’m glad you decided to arrange this piece, but this sheet music makes me curse my small hands when I get to the parts that require my pinky to hit an F note all the way to an A note at the same time. It’s just impossible for me, which makes me wonder if it couldn’t have been made easier. But I’ll just change the notes to fit my style.

    Thank you for your arrangement.

  3. Theowneon Sep 19th 2009

    I apologize for that, my piano arrangements are mostly transcriptions that I do for myself, I’ll see if I can make it more accessible.

  4. TKon Oct 1st 2009

    Thanks for transcribing this beautiful piece. I’ve been looking for the sheet music for a while now, but haven’t had any luck until now.

  5. Kevinon Oct 23rd 2009

    omg so lovely !!! can you plz send me the notes for this well i cant read them XD but i try or can you make plz a tutorial of this songs and if you have more plz tell me !!

  6. Goshaon Oct 31st 2009

    I took the liberty of rewriting this song into Notation Composer and export it to a .mid file.
    It was my first time, so I don’t know if I got it perfect. Neither do I have perfect ears, so if you find any errors (if you look at it at all), please tell me.

    Anyway, here is the midi file: http://cookie.hopto.org/perma/natsu_yuuzora.mid
    I think it turned out quite nice for being a midi. Especially on timidity.

    Also, here are the notation composer file, in case that is of interest: http://cookie.hopto.org/perma/natsu_yuuzora.not

  7. Goshaon Nov 1st 2009

    Okay, I think I found most of the errors. Could you take another look? It should be the same link.

  8. Martyon Nov 2nd 2009

    That sounds just lovely 🙂 only thing i could ever imagine complaining about is that its sheet music and not a guitar tab ^^ and my note reading is horrible.

  9. Benon Nov 16th 2009

    Wow this is simply amazing! I love Natsume Yuujinchou! The music is just so wonderful 😀
    Please continue to make more music like this. I look forward to learning this on guitar (and convincing my friend to learn it on piano).

    God bless

  10. alocoon Jan 9th 2010

    I’m sorry for writing the comment in Japanese.

    you tube動画を見て、辿ってきたのですから驚くようなことではないかもしれませんが、とても感動しています。


  11. Theowneon Jan 9th 2010

    コメントありがとうございました. ^_^

  12. S.V.on Jan 12th 2010

    Theowne, congratulations, it’s really great.
    Thank you for the sheet music.
    And I hope you do the arrangement of Aishiteru, ED of second season too.
    I didn’t found anywhere, and the music is so lovely.

    Thanks again.

  13. Theowneon Jan 12th 2010

    Josh has already put up a very good transcription of Aishiteru at his site, http://josh.agarrado.net/music/anime/ .

    I like his transcription, and if I did one, it would probably be similar to his anyways.

  14. Nikkion May 15th 2010

    Thanks so much for this! Natsu Yuuzora is by far the most beautiful and soulful anime ending I have ever encountered. I never was able to skip it while watching Natsume Yuujinchou because of the emotional levels it manages to reach. I think I had tears streaming down my face every time. You wouldn’t believe how happy it made me when I found your transcription. You made my world a better place. Thank you again and again!

  15. koon Jun 15th 2010

    Yesterday my boyfriend showed me that vid of you on youtube and i fell in love with that arrangement ^-^ i’ll definitely print out your sheet music for it and try to play it at home. Thank you very much! Keep up the great work, please! ^_____^

  16. Lufangon Oct 4th 2010

    I’m so in love with this anime and the songs too. Wow. Your work is so great. The arranged piano piece is very, very beautiful, dreaming and full of emotion.
    So great. Thanks a lot for arranging this piece up and sharing out!


  17. ha55haon Dec 28th 2010

    I haven’t watched this anime before but I love this piece from your performance. Thanks for the sheet music. :3

  18. Caraon Jul 2nd 2011

    awwwwwwww :…)

  19. Anonon Jul 6th 2011

    Wow this is amazing, thank you! Do you think you might do Howl’s Moving Castle anytime? There’s this one ost, Sky Stroll that I think would sound great on piano ^^

  20. Jadeon Aug 15th 2011

    So pretty ! Thank you for sharing =)

  21. Quicheon Aug 20th 2011

    Thank you so much! I love your arrangement =3 It’s as calming as the original! Great job!

  22. Bokusenouon Nov 11th 2011

    These are amazing! Do you happen to have an midi of “Kimi ga yobu namae”? I’d love to be able to practice it in Synthesia. ^-^

  23. mynkon Jan 6th 2012

    thank you for the natsume’s music score. I love this anime so much ^^
    now I could learn to play the songs too..
    thanks again ^^

  24. Hindon Feb 5th 2012

    すごくきれい 。。。凄いリズムで !!
    やっと見付けた !!どうもありがとうございます!! \^_^/ !! <3 <3 <3 <3

  25. scarlet_waltzon Feb 10th 2012

    thanks for the transcription… 🙂
    could u also transcript haru wo shiraseru mono, it’s from zoku natsume yuujinchou…
    million thanks! 😀

  26. DCon Feb 16th 2012

    so so so looooovvveee yoouu!!! i wanted to play this as soon as i heard it! you are sooo goood!!!

  27. Satoshion Feb 18th 2012

    I wish to have Kimi ga Yobu Namae as a midi..I cant read music sheet because I am a noob. MP3 wont do me any good either =(

  28. Animelove27on Jun 21st 2012

    Do you think you could transcribe the songs to clarinet? I would love to be able to play them. They are so beautiful!

  29. Piano Anime/Dramaon Sep 7th 2012

    Nice, I would like to get letter notes or midi

  30. AznsPwnon Oct 18th 2012

    I made a midi for Kimi ga Yobu Namae..so thanks for the sheet m(_ _)m

  31. Toruon Oct 23rd 2012

    Thank you so much for the sheet! I was looking for it for a long time. I browsed through all youtube piano videoes played by others, but your playing and the quality of recording is by far the most exquisite bravula, very dainty and wistful. I hope you add “Omoide wa Tooku no Hibi” from Byousoku 5 cm some day.

  32. Michion Oct 28th 2012

    I just started watching the series today.. The piano BGMs caught me and now I am so glad to have found your transcriptions. And the way you play is really beautiful. Thank you for sharing =)

  33. Jeremiahon Nov 18th 2012

    Hello, could anyone upload the midi file of natsu yuuzora again, I checked on the link above and it was not available. Thanks in advance to who will upload it 🙂

  34. alexiaon Nov 20th 2012

    Je veux trop les partitions des deux morceaux !!!
    Désolé si tu ne comprends pas vu que j’écris en français…

  35. euniceon Apr 3rd 2013

    omg! thanks a million for sharing these beautiful piano scores!

  36. Nataliaon May 5th 2013

    I’m glad to finally find it 🙂 i always listen to your music when a fell bad… and when i see in youtube that “Natsu Yuuzora piano version” didn’t was … i’m felt sad but when i found it, i don’t know…!!! thank you thank you for your music!! you can feel the true feeling and beat of music!
    thanks you <3<3<3

  37. thisguyagainon Sep 23rd 2013

    Wow I completely forgot about this..i stil have my Natsu Yuuzora midi..sorry the link was down since last year lol…


  38. thisguyagainon Sep 23rd 2013

    midi for kimi ga yobu namae as well…


  39. Luluon Nov 10th 2013

    Can you transcribe, “Haru wo shiraseru mono” from the Zoku natsume yuujinchou OST? Your covers are the best! Thank you in advance!

  40. Pleaseon Jan 5th 2014

    I’ve seen two request around, I’m sorry, but here’s the third one (third time’s is a charm – hopefully?) can you please transcribe “Haru wo Shiraseru mono” from Zoku Natsume Yuujincou? It’s really good, and I really want a sheet music on it

  41. Li-chanon Apr 10th 2014

    I love Natsume Yuujinchou, but I think the music is what makes the anime better than it is.
    Hmm, I really wanted to play Haru wo Shiraseru Mono from Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou .. Well just keep up the good work 😉

  42. Shuangon May 31st 2014

    Thank you so much for the music sheets!!!!! I really love the music from natsume yuujinchou!! Really thank you!!!

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  46. Hannaon Dec 23rd 2015

    loveeeeeee ittt! you played each arrangement beautifully. I’ve been meaning to learn how to play this song on the piano but kept on pushing it off. I love natsume yuujinchou and the OST. I think I like most OST for animes/anime movies because the majority of it consist of piano pieces. Anyways, thanks for the sheet music!

  47. freshon Feb 4th 2017

    If anyone’s insterested here are the “tabs” I made to “Hyaku Kaminari no Kagura” an odd time piece from Natsume Yuujinchou and Zoku as well, played in fight scenes.

    It features this weird japanese instrument so I adapted it to guitar.

    The time sigs are 8/8, 6/8, 4/8 and 4/8 in different variations. When looking at the percussion it’s something like two bars of syncopated 11/4 and one bar of 7/4 at it’s simplest form. Pretty cool tune.

  48. freshon Feb 4th 2017

    If anyone’s insterested here are the “tabs” I made to “Hyaku Kaminari no Kagura” an odd time piece from Natsume Yuujinchou and Zoku as well, played in fight scenes.

    It features this weird japanese instrument so I adapted it to guitar.

    The time sigs are 8/8, 6/8, 4/8 and 4/8 in different variations. When looking at the percussion it’s something like two bars of syncopated 11/4 and one bar of 7/4 at it’s simplest form. Pretty cool tune.


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